The Looking Glass

its the simple things in life that no one looks and these are those things.
ask, confess, pester, comment, what have you.
bring it

Not the greatest picture, but some more beautiful work done by Henry at Fat Kid Tattoo. I am always so ecstatic with his work. #imstoked #new #tattoo #brideoffrankenstein #bestartistever

So today marks a whole calendar year of being in love with my best friend. This tug boat has supported me through all my endeavors and never lets me put my head down. He has taught me to love myself and to relax more often. He has grown so much and I know we only make each other better. We have been through so much but within hours we are always coming out stronger, not just as a couple but as people. And when I was a little girl I dreamed about guys like him. Someone I can be 110% me around. I didn’t think that existed. But I was proven wrong a whole year ago. Brandon Michel, I am in lesbians with you. Thank you for the rad-est year of my life and here is to many more.🍻

I have the best mom in the world. #voodoodonuts #portland #vinyl #donut #swag #getonmylevel @kelleyabarber


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This one didn’t make the cut

how fkn old is this

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this will never let me down

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I have a confession.
Sometimes I have moments of weakness. I take baths, and listen to Lana Del Rey and just cry. Cry until I can’t anymore. Then I just get up. Dry myself off and go sit in the mirror for forty five minutes trying to look good to impress people I don’t give a shit about. But I guess that’s how we all are.

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